Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Coffret D'Or Summer '09

Coffret D'Or will release its summer makeup collection on 16 June in Japan. Pics below are from 2Channel.

Color Mixing Eyes: #1 Orange Brown Mix, #2 Blue Green Mix, #3 Silver Pink Mix, #4 Lavender Purple Mix and #5 Beige Black Mix

Quick Liner and Full Keep Gel Liner (in pink and dark brown)

Lip Base

Juicy Memory Rouge in 12 shades

The testers are already out in some of the drugstores in Japan.

Looks like another collection that I can safely skip!


Anonymous said...

i think i skip it too. thanks for the pictures! (but we don't have this brand anyway. ha!)

Pink Sith said...

I might need that pink liner...but would never wear it most likely. lol. I guess I can skip this too.

Pinky said...

Hi Haru

i heard coffret D'or gel foundation highly raved. what is your take on this?

Haru said...

Hey Pinky,

Sorry, I haven't tried the CD gel foundation before so I can't say if it's good or not.

Anonymous said...

very basic lookin

jac said...

what foundation do you use & skin care too? thanks

Haru said...

Hi Jac,

I'm currently using Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite powder foundation. I also have Coffret D'Or Beauty Essence Pact foundation and RMK Powder Foundation EX but the Lancome is my favourite. The Coffret D'Or is good too.

As for skincare, I use many different brands. I use Anna Sui Gel Cleanser for cleansing my skin, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (Normal) for makeup removal followed by AIAI Glyfoam 1300 (a Japanese brand glycolic cleanser). I also use Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner and Anti Bac Clearing Lotion and MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliater (alternate with Microfine Refinisher).

jac said...

Thanks Haru for your reply. I have very sensitive dehydrated skin, looking around for suitable skincare. I tried a couple of brands and banned quite a number of them from my list too. It's good to hear your feedbacks.

Anya said...

dear haru, i'm wondering if you know how far behind japan release will HONG KONG counter launch the range usually? my relative will be in HK around June 20th, thanks!

Haru said...


Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know the release schedule for the counters in Hong Kong. My impression is that the new collections get released in Taiwan and Hong Kong quite shortly after the Japan release.

zarchi htay win said...

Where can i get AIAI Glyfoam 1300 in sg?

Haru said...

The Glyfoam is not sold in Singapore, as far as I know.