Saturday, 15 December 2012

Catrice Siberian Call

The new Catrice trend edition Siberian Call just arrived in my local supermarket.

Ice wide open! Beautiful scenery full of contrasts surrounds the Limited Edition “Siberian Call” by CATRICE: silent snowy landscapes, bluish icy vegetation and imposing, vast steppes in brown and green – the territory of wolves, bears and tigers. The impressions of this world have already conquered the international catwalks.

The symbiosis of the ice age and naturally warm elements is reflected in the current crossover couture: glamorous fur effects, soft tweed, urban knits and sparkling highlights with an ice-flower appearance. Deep greys and silver shades unite with warm beige, pink and coral to become the trend colours of this edition.

Cream to Powder Blush in 01 Coral -al -al -al and 02 Rose's Wood

Mountain Baked Eyeshadow in 01 Here, Take Your Gear, 02 I'm A Graydreamer, 03 Rose's Wood and 04 Rest In The Forest.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 01 The Calm Call, 02 I'm A Graydreamer, 03 Sky And Snow, 04 Rest In The Forest and 05 Coral -al -al -al.

Lip Cream in 01 Rest In The Forest, 02 Coral -al -al -al and 03 Firetracker.

Crystal Lip Topcoat 01 Sky And Snow

Nothing really tempted me from Siberian Call although I liked the ad visuals. Also saw a new display for the Essence New In Town collection, which was supposed to have been released in August. I was hoping to see the Snow Jam collection due to be launched in January.

Another new collection by Manhattan, another German makeup brand.

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