Monday, 24 December 2012

Melissa x Liberty

Being a major fan of Melissa shoes, I was delighted to discover their pop-up store on South Molton Street in London, just off Oxford Street.

The store was offering 20% off all regular-priced styles until Christmas Eve.

These super-bling J Maskrey Ultragirl with Swarovski crystals are a whoppping £250 each.

The Jason Wu collection.

Love the mesh design of the Campana line but unfortunately it does not flatter my feet.

I came home with the new Liberty Ultragirl flats. These are selling on for £65 each, so I was happy to score them at a discount.

The blue version features the Emma and Georgina prints while the pink version features the Margaret Annie print. All are Liberty heritage prints from the 19th century. It's truly rare for Melissa shoes to feature floral prints and these couldn't be more perfect for spring/summer.

The store had free copies of their seasonal magazine, Plastic Dreams. The Summer 2012 and Summer 2013 editions feature Lily Cole and Alek Wek respectively.


Anonymous said...

I love Melissa shoes however, they do not take kindly to my feet. I bought a lovely pair this year and it gave me such blisters that it took me almost a month to recover from it. Same goes to previous crocs which is made of similar material. Utterly sad that i can only admire from afar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris!
Haven't commented here in ages but had to when I saw your gorg loot! Am jelly! (Heh didn't mean as a pun...) liberty print n melissa, great match!
Always liked the Campana but scared they'll cut n give me blisters
Remember when novo sg used to sell them melissas for ard $28... Stocked up quite a few then... But now can't get at that price for sure ;P
Enjoy your shoes. Happy holidays!
- Nina

Haru said...

Aww, sad to hear that you got blisters from your Melissa shoes. I can only wear the flats from Melissa and not their designs with high heels or platforms as those feel too uncomfortable for my feet. The flats are alright if I'm walking for 2-3 hours but for longer periods, I wear trainers instead as they have better cushioning.

hi Nina,
I don't remember seeing these at Novo in Sg. I read that Melissa opened a store in Ion Orchard in November, but couldn't find the information on the Ion website. I usually purchase from ASOS, which puts them on sale from time to time.

Anonymous said...

melissa has opened at wheelock place.

Anonymous said...

My melissa shoes from novo must b like 6 years old but I haven't worn some of them ;P
agree about the blisters - I find that it's best I wear those nude slip socks for shoes when I wear the melissas to avoid blisters n erm, stinky feet (the rubber shoes don't ventilate feet well)
Melissa is now at wheelock nearest to the underground link from isetan shaw (supermarket level) to wheelock.
Sadly Asos doesn't have the vivienne Westwood Melissa's esp the ladydragon with the heart!
- Nina

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru! Merry Christmas!

From a silent reader JH.
P.S. Yes I did stock up my melissa shoes from Novo last time. Remembered that they had a clearance sale for SGD5 for each pair!

Ms. Potatoe said...

I got from Novo too at 70% off when t was closing but definitely not $5!! LOL. Maybe around $30 or so.

Gracie said...

I got the Melissa novo flats in Alice in Wonderland print some time ago at Tangs 80th anniversary sale. They were selling at SGD$80 only.
I love the scent on the shoes, it does combat the stinky feet one gets when wearing plastic shoes in our humid weather. I can't wear these for long periods of time too. They lack cushioning for walking.
I love love the liberty prints on these Melissa!