Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Visee Spring 2013

Here are some pics from 2Channel of the Visee Spring 2013 collection, which will be released on 16 January in Japan.

1. Lasting Eye Color Base: 01 Silver Beige, 02 Gold Beige and 03 Pink Beige (1260yen)

2. Jungle Volume Mascara

3. Glam Nature Eyes: Eyeshadow duo in 8 variations. (1470yen)

Pic below from Bea's Up.

Nice packaging but the shade combinations look quite dull in comparison to the earlier Visee palettes which typically contain 4-5 shades each.

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Anonymous said...

oh man, these colors are gorgeous!
the last time i bought a visee palette was the spring 2012. thnks for the info!