Sunday, 16 December 2012

Maquillage, Integrate and Addiction New Base Makeup for Spring 2013

Here are pics of the Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB SPF30 PA++ (3150yen, 30g) and True Powdery UV foundation (4200yen, 7 shades) which will be released on 21 February in Japan. The Perfect Multi Base BB acts as primer, sunblock and beauty essence, while concealing pores and skin imperfections. The True Powdery UV foundation has SPF25 PA++ and a light texture that lays down a 0.01mm veil on the skin to conceal pores and skin imperfections. The foundation refill is 3150yen while the case is 1050yen.

Integrate will release the following new products on 21 February:

1. Mineral Pore Cover: Formulated with 100% mineral water, this translucent primer has a non-oily finish and helps to conceal pores. (892yen, 12g)

2. Mineral Foundation (Pressed) SPF16, PA+ : New long-lasting formula that helps to conceal pores. In 4 shades. (1785yen; 1365yen for refill)

3. Mineral Foundation (Loose) (1575yen; 1365yen for refill, 10g)

4. Mineral Foundation (Pressed) Special Set 2012

5. Rainbow Grade Eyes BE331 (1575yen, LE)

6. Sakura Drop Essence SPF18 PA++: Translucent red lip essence with hyaluronic acid and ginger extract. (840yen, 7g)

Here's a pic of the Addiction Tinted Skin Protector SPF50+ PA+++ (4725yen, 30ml) to be released on 15 February in 5 shades.


Agnes said...

Hi Haru

I always enjoyed reading your blog which is always updated with latest news and upcoming releases. :-)

Haru said...

hi Agnes,
thanks for the kind comments! :-)