Monday, 7 January 2013

Evian Le Fabuleux Village

Over the new year break, we took a drive around Lake Geneva. On arriving in Evian, we came across strange wooden creatures peppered along the streets and in the waters.

Turns out that this is the annual year-end event known as "Le fabuleux village ou la legend des Flottins" - a quaint little village of wooden sculptures formed from driftwood found on the lake and nearby rivers. In the evenings, stories of the "flottins", the imaginary creatures that haunt the lake, are told. The official website is here.

We wandered through the village amongst all manner of odd fantastical and ghoulish creatures fashioned from humble wood, with a rough-hewn grace.

This giant rodent watching over the village was particularly striking.

Have a good week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Those are so freaky!!!!!!!!

Yumeko said...

oh amazing!
i have never seen anything like that
thank YOU for sharing glimpses of your life!

Cath said...

It's driftwood art, isn't it?

Haru said...

Hi Cath,
That's right.

Hi Yumeko,
Glad you enjoyed the post!

Anonymous said...

that IS fascinating -- thanks for sharing the photos.
it must be really interesting to walk around there!