Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lunasol Fall 2015

Lunasol goes for a delectable chocolate theme in its Fall 2015 collection set for release on 21 August in Japan. Pic below by Be Story.

The chocolate-scented collection includes:

1. Selection de Chocolat Eyes (5000yen, 3 variations)

2. Duo de Chocolat Eyes (3500yen, 3 variations)

3. Melty Chocolat Lips (3 shades, 2800yen, LE)

4. Full Glamour Lips (3000yen, 6 shades including 2 LE shades)

5. Nail Finish N (1500yen, 5 shades)

6. Blush (2 shades)

The collection details were supposed to be on embargo until 23 June, but several Japanese beauty writers have shared pics on Twitter and Instagram, some of which have been deleted since. Quite silly of the brand to try to control this. Anyway, here are the pics from Maquia.

Pics below from Osadanna.

Pic below by Yoshida Mizuho.

Pic below by Sachiko Maekawa.

Pic below by Be Story.

Pics below by Sweet.

Pic below by Voce.


Jessica said...

OMG!!! This collection is such a beauty! Love that quad for it has great colors and the packaging is classy too. This is something worth checking out!

Haru said...

hi Jessica,
I like the look of the quads too and will probably pick one or two up. The styling of the model in the ad visual looks awfully old-fashioned though.

Citrine said...

OK, I guess I don't have to OMG when Jessica already did... This is just an inviting collection!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where i can purchase this products?

Ana C

Haru said...

hi Ana,
you can purchase Lunasol from, which is based in Hong Kong and is reliable.