Saturday, 30 May 2015

Maquillage Fall 2015

Maquillage will launch its Fall/Winter 2015 makeup collection on 21 August in Japan.

It includes:

1. Dramatic Mood Eyes in 5 variations, of which one (VI715) is LE (3000yen, 3g). The eyeshadow contains an 'oil in marshmallow powder' for easy gliding onto the skin, high shine pearl pigments and a diamond black pearl in the liner shades.

Shade "1" is the light base foundation shade to be applied all over the lid for correcting dullness, and along the lower lashline. Shade "2" is the colorful accent shade and "3" is the natural shadow shade. Shade "4" is the liner shade.

The sponge applicator is angled at 14° for aiding the application of eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eyes. Pic from Be Story.

2. Dramatic Rouge in 4 new shades of which 2 are LE (3000yen)

3. Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO in 2 LE shades (2300yen)

4. Lasting Foggy Brow in 2 shades (900yen for cartridge)

5. Eyebrow Holder (900yen)

6. Eyebrow Brush (300yen)

7. Lasting Foggy Brow limited edition set in 2 shades (1200yen)

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