Friday, 15 May 2015

Jill Stuart Fall 2015

Feast your eyes on the Jill Stuart collection for Fall 2015! The brand hasn't really been tempting me with their recent releases and their habit of doing wimpy pink and browns to death but the smoky burgundy theme and new packaging designs of this collection is looking very appealing. There will be a new line of lipsticks (3000yen) - not sure if this will co-exist alongside the Lip Blossom line or replace it.

Pic below from Voce.

Ribbon Couture Eyes - 1 new variation (5000yen)

Mix Blush Compact N - 1 new variation (4500yen)

Stay True Gel Liner in rich chocolate (2300yen)

Nail Lacquer R in 3 shades (1500yen)

Wish On A Star nailpolish collection - Starting in August 2015, there will be a limited edition nail polish released every month in line with the astrological sign for that month.


Katelyn said...

Wow, thanks for the update. Why why why isnt there a Jill Stuart counter in Spore???

Btw, pls keep blogging. Love to read your reviews.

Haru said...

hi Katelyn,
Thanks for the kind comment! Kose is a very conservative company and apparently they were burnt by their experience in expanding Jill Stuart to South Korea, where it did not do well. Hence, there hasn't been any international expansion of Jill Stuart since. Fortunately, it's still very easy to purchase Jill Stuart online through, which is based in Hong Kong, and has relatively reasonable prices.

. : * justine * : . said...

i *LOVE* Burgundy and the new packaging is stunning - think I will definitely pick up the Mix Blush and a lipstick... have you tried the new palettes? I haven't read much about the formulation...

Haru said...

hi Justine,
I haven't tried the new palettes as the colour combinations didn't look that exciting to me. Will check these out in person when I visit Tokyo in July :-)