Thursday, 21 May 2015

Suqqu Fall 2015

Suqqu will release its Fall 2015 collection on 7 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Blend Color Eyeshadow #20 香薔薇(Kaoribara, bordeaux and greyish beige), #21 宵萩(Yoihagi, khaki and bordeaux brown)and EX26:夕蒼(Yuuaoi, navy and orange gold, LE)(6800yen). These feature a new 'watery matte' cream base for a darkened petal effect and shades with various types of gold pearl for an 'antique pearl' effect.

2. Cheek & Face Color EX01 (pink and peach beige) and EX02 (coral and powder pink). (7000yen, 7.2g, LE) This helps to give an elegant, clean, fresh effect when used as a face powder, and a gently flushed rosy effect as a blush.

3. Plump Lipstick in clear pink (4000yen)

4. Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist #11 飴色(Ameiro, coral beige), #12 紅蜂蜜(Benihachimitsu, coral pink) and #13 茜薔薇(Akanebara, clear bordeaux, veil glow type). (5000yen)

5. Gel Eyeliner Pencil 01 Black, 02 Dark Brown and EX01 Bordeaux (LE). (3200yen, 0.13g)

6. Nail Color R EX11 乳白桃(Nyuuhakutou, milk beige pink) and EX12 蝶輝石(Choukiseki, greyish pearl pink) (2500yen, 5ml)

The eyeshadow shades look very typical of Suqqu while the new creamy matte base sounds promising. Hopefully, these will look much more appealing in real life.

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aksaiyo said...

that creamy glow #13! it shall be mine! though i probably wont be in the country when this comes out tho :/