Saturday, 9 May 2015

Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation Review

Released in autumn 2014, the Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation (US$48 for 10g) looked intriguing thanks to its unique packaging. I purchased this from recently, taking advantage of a 15% off code. Of the five shades available, I picked 101 Light Beige as I recalled that the lightest shade (100 White Beige) was too pale when I swatched it in Singapore earlier this year.

As it turns out, the packaging isn't the most idiot-proof or user-friendly. The ornate cap with the rose design pulls off easily but after unscrewing the middle cap with the attached brush, you will find a plastic sifter cap sitting on top of another plastic cap/flat cover.

The sifter cap is supposed to be placed on top of the loose powder after removing the flat cover. When I dropped it on top of the powder, the powder bloomed out of the pot and flew everywhere - my desk, keyboard, the pot itself. The instructions advise removing the sifter cap and replacing it on top of the flat cover if you want to bring the foundation on the go with you. However, fishing out the sifter cap will probably be another messy affair so this is staying put at home.

The synthetic brush feels nicely non-scratchy but it always picks up too much powder so you have to tap the brush against the rim of the pot to remove the excess. Some may prefer to use their own longer handled brushes for a better grip. Aside from these minor handling issues, the foundation is very easy to apply. Simply buff it on in a circular motion. It gives a nice matte finish and fairly light coverage. This does not perform that well in terms of minimising the appearance of pores and uneven skin texture. It can look a bit powdery if over applied or show up flaky skin if one's skin is not well-hydrated.

The lasting power isn't fantastic, but I wasn't expecting it to be given the loose powder format. However, it does lend itself better to mid-day touchups than liquid foundations. Oil breakthrough occurred after about two hours. The foundation also bears Anna Sui's signature rose scent, which I don't mind as it was not that noticeable upon application. For better coverage, I've been applying this over primers or CC bases such as Etude House Magic Any Cushion in Magic Lavender and Ettusais Premium CC Amino Cream.

The pics above were taken indoors without flash on a cloudy day by the window while the pic below was taken with flash.

Below is the list of ingredients.

Other products used for this look include Urban Decay Vice Limited palette, Lunasol W Lighting Mascara EX01 and Ettusais Premium CC Amino Cream and Creamy Lip Crayon PK2.

So far, my experience with the Vice Limited palette has been disappointing as the blue, purple and green shades (Goddess, Freakshow and Floss) all fade to a murky grey on me and there was a severe gold glitter bomb fallout with Disco that I had to remove with washi tape. I'm still experimenting with different eyeshadow primers as Urban Decay's Anti-Aging primer and Wet'n'Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer have all proven inadequate. The Ettusais Premium CC Amino Cream leaves a slightly whitish, pale pink cast on my skin, so I can't wear it alone as the shade difference between my face and neck is too stark. Once corrected with a foundation on top, the difference becomes more subtle. Anyway, it's not like anyone will notice or care as I spend my days here with mostly my husband (who won't notice anything short of a black eye) and my toddler.

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