Sunday, 26 July 2015

Addiction Website Update

The Addiction website has been updated with the Tough Love collection for Fall 2015. Below is the video clip on the shooting of the ad visual.

To commemorate the launch, Addiction is giving away this limited edition black Case I with in-store purchase of 7000yen (including 2 eyeshadows) and the red Case II with purchase of 10,000yen (including 2 eyeshadows) starting from 7 August. The new eyeshadow formula is fragrance-free and contains centifolia rose extract for moisturising benefits.

Between 7 August and 31 October, customers who purchase all 99 new eyeshadows will receive a custom-made tray for the eyeshadows.
In an interview with Voce magazine, Addiction Creative Director Ayako said that in creating this collection, she wanted to return to the brand's origins as a makeup artist brand. She was driven by the desire to create colours that were sought after by makeup artists and hard to find in the market, such as brown shades without red tones. She cited her experience in working with Hollywood actresses who did not like red-toned browns as well as models with tanned skin who required blackish brown tones. The new line-up also offers a comprehensive range of beige and brown hues in a variety of finishes, as these are usually indispensable for anyone who wants to do makeup. Ayako also personally selected all the English shade names such as Boy Toy and Cry Baby, as she felt that these were more interesting than saying that one was wearing shade 'Beige-3'.

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Jacqueline said...

I can't wait to see the new Addicton eye shadows in person and swatch to my heart's content.