Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Visee Fall 2015

Visee will launch its Fall 2015 makeup collection on 21 August in Japan. Fans of its eyeshadow palettes will be thrilled to know that there will be a new line of Shimmer Rich Eyes quints in 8 variations (1400yen, 5.4g), two new Duo Rich Eyes in PK8 and BE9 (1000yen, 2.5g) and a Lash Volume Mania mascara (1400yen, 7g). Shimmer Rich Eyes will be available in BE1, OR2, BR3, PK4, PU5, GR6, GY7 and BL8. These fragrance-free palettes are described as pairing dramatic deep shades with 'shimmer spice' accent shades, formulated with 'pure gold' for creating a natural dimensional effect. The mascara is a film-type that can be easily removed with warm water and contains lash conditioning ingredients.

Pic below from Maquia.

Pics below from Voce.

Pic below from 2Channel shows BL8.

Pic below from Maho shows OR2 marked as 'D'.

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