Friday, 24 July 2015

Lavshuca in peril?

Rumours are rife on the Japanese messageboard 2Channel that Lavshuca, which is owned by Kanebo, is about to be discontinued. It has disappeared from many stores, replaced by Kanebo's Media line or Rimmel or Visee. There has been no official announcement from Kanebo yet and the Lavshuca official website continues to exist. However, it has quietly disappeared from Kanebo's main company page which lists all of their brands, so the signs are not good. Lavshuca has not released any new products for quite awhile and is noticeably absent in the Fall 2015 collections catalogues published in the September issues of Voce and Biteki (available now at Kinokuniya Singapore). For anyone who wishes to stock up, the brand is still available on, which is based in Hong Kong and ships internationally.

Lavshuca was designed to be the unabashedly cutesy feminine brand in direct contrast to the worldly rock chick vibe of Kate, Kanebo's other mainstream drugstore brand that has maintained the top-selling position in the self-select segment of the Japanese beauty market for over a decade. There are other similar brands such as Canmake and Kiss but neither really does the same kitschy kawaii and appealing packaging of Lavshuca. It shall be dearly missed.


Citrine said...

I don't think I will miss Lavschuva since I have only tried one of their powder blush, but your post just reminds me that I haven't heard anything from Majolica Majorca for the fall 2015...Let's hope they are just blooming late.

Haru said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Majolica as they just released a new collection on 21 May and their official Japanese Facebook page has frequent updates. They also recently organised a Majotown special event in Tokyo and Osaka in June. It is odd that they haven't lined up anything new as in past years, they usually release a new collection on 21 July.

Citrine said...

Phew...I will keep my eyes peeled for them(mj) then! I usually love their pretty limited releases. It's just weird that AdamBeauty still hasn't started selling their summer stuff(I wanted the lip gloss and blood-on gel blush).