Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel

It looks like Canmake's popular Cream Cheek series is getting an upgrade with the upcoming new Lip & Cheek Gel SPF24 PA+ (600yen). This will be available in four shades (#1 Strawberry Mousse, #2 Apple Mango Parfait, #3 Raspberry Float and #4 Blood Cranberry), of which #4 is the only limited edition shade.

Other new products being released on the same date include Matte & Crystal Cheeks #1 Apricot Candy, #2 Fantasy Pink and #3 Juicy Strawberry (650yen), Hyper Slim Gel Eye Liner #2 Chocolate Brown (600yen), Perfect Stylist Eyes #11 Rose Beige (780yen), Stay On Balm Rouge #11 Raspberry Rose (580yen) and Juicy Pure Eyes (600yen) #5 Milky Pink Beige and #6 Baby Apricot Pink.


Citrine said...

The packaging is too cute (and doesn't look like it's "inspired by" other brands)! I think I will have to get all of them when they are out.

Haru said...

Go for it! They're cheap enough that getting all four will cost about the same as half a Chanel blush! My only concern is that the shades look very similar to the existing Cream cheek line, but then again Japanese brands aren't that innovative when it comes to blush shades. It's always the standard baby pink, coral and red, and more pink.

Lady said...

I was really curious as well, especially since I still have two of the Cream Cheeks, unopened :))

Their English website stated that the Lip & Cheek Gels have "superb lasting power" compared to the Cream Cheeks which only states that (the formulation of the Cream Cheeks) are "longer lasting".

I definitely noticed the longer staying power, but I have no idea how it will perform in more humid climates.

Personally I feel that the Lip & Cheeks have more slip to it, quite similar to TheBalm's cream blushes :)