Thursday, 9 July 2015

Suqqu Fall 2015

Here are the official visuals of the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow quads coming up in the Fall 2015 collection, due out on 7 August in Japan. A Japanese Youtuber has also posted videos from the press preview here and here.

#20 香薔薇 (Kaoribara)

#21 宵萩(Yoihagi)

EX-26夕蒼(Yuuaoi) [Limited edition]

Cheek & Face Color EX01 (pink and peach beige)

Cheek & Face Color EX02 (coral pink and powder pink)


Bellyhead said...

So exciting! The quads look fine (I wish there weren't cream shades in there), but the face/cheek palettes look really pretty! Thank you for this preview.

Haru said...

hi belly,
you're welcome! I'm liking the look of this collection very much, hopefully they won't sell out on Selfridges too quickly. The face palettes look like they will probably be too sheer for my liking though.

Alison said...

These look really pretty and a little cooler than some of the palettes. Will this be the first Suqqu eye palette to be mine?

Anonymous said...

Snatched one already. The bordeaux one looks great on the yellowish skin tone.