Monday, 5 May 2008

Aube Summer '08

The second part of Aube's Summer '08 collection will be launched on 14 June in Japan and features the following:

1. Coil Comb Mascara (2940yen): waterproof mascara in 2 shades

2. Dual Color Eyeliner (2100yen): limited edition in 6 shades

3. Gel & Shine Eyes (2625yen): limited edition gel eyeshadow and loose powder eyeshadow in 6 shades

4. Rouge Pure Stay (3150yen): 10 new shades

There are currently only 2 reviews for Gel & Shine Eyes on, both of which are positive. According to the reviews, the loose powder eyeshadow has a nice shimmer while the gel eyeshadow really has a gel-like texture that is more pigmented than expected and easy to apply. Overall, the Gel & Shine Eyes also proved to be crease/fade-resistant. Sounds like a potential winner!


カロリイン said...

Hi Iris,
Thanks for the fab update on AUBE. Been waiting for quite sometime for their new and interesting release. This time I find Gel & Shine Eyes a very innovative duo. Gel and powder eye colour on the same container. Great for travel. I wonder if they are pigmented enough. :)

Kathi said...

ah, looks all kinda blah to me =( And I can imagine that the gel eye color will be super duper sheer and have a tendency to crease =) I'm curious to hear first reviews on this product!