Sunday, 18 May 2008

Awake Summer '08

Awake will be launching its limited edition Aqua Trans Collection "Prism Splash" summer makeup kit (6825yen) on 7 June in Japan. The kit includes:

1. Aqua Trans Powder X1 Sea Opal Coral: coral pink powder with silver and red pearl
2. Tear Shine Eyeliner X1 Mystic Sea: with glitter
3. Juicy Glam Lip Gloss X1 Mandarin Pink: fresh pink with red shimmer
4. Shimmer Crystal Eye Color X1 Island Sky: light sky blue with gold and red pearl shimmer and red glitter
5. metallic silver pouch

The kit looks like a pretty good deal for the amount of products that are included!


Kathi said...

Meh, doesn't look so appealing. I'd have preferred a bright eyeshadow quad or something =)

dawn. said...

Wow... Are you located in Japan by the way?
How did you get your hands on the Lavshuca eyeshadow??