Sunday, 18 May 2008

Lavshuca, Lunasol & MM haul

My haul from the Lavshuca, Lunasol and Majolica Majorca summer collections just arrived in the post and I'm loving everything that I received! I haven't used any of it yet but the products all look so gorgeous in the pan, that I'm sure they'll be great to use as well.

I got both the Summer Gradually Compacts from Lavshuca. These are an absolute steal in my opinion. For just 1890yen, you get 6 largely shimmery metallic shades in a sleek slim metal compact. The shades are well-coordinated and can be used to create a variety looks. The total amount of product in each compact is 5.5g, which is exactly the same as the Lunasol quad except that the Lunasol quad costs a whopping 5250yen. You have to insert the eyeshadow trays yourself into the metal case (each tray has 4 gobs of glue underneath to hold it in place), which means you can re-use the metal case for other eyeshadow pans once you're done with the original eyeshadows.

I also got the Majolica Majorca Powder Heat Metallic, which turned out to be a very pale beige shade when applied rather than a true bronze. The shimmer is very fine, not too loud or over-the-top so it's suitable to use on the cheeks as a glowy highlighter that won't make one look like a disco ball. It comes in the same cute tub packaging as MM's earlier Snow Carat Powder. Even though I doubt I will use this that much, I still wanted it as part of my MM collection as it's just too cute. At 1470yen for 6g, it's quite affordable as well. The powder is talc-based.

Lunasol's Sheer Contrast Eyes EX01 is even prettier in real life than in the pictures that I've seen online so far. The shimmery bright blue reminds me of MAC Parrot and a teal quad from the discontinued Inoui ID line. It goes beautifully with the light mint green shade. I also like the light silvery brown shade which will be excellent as a liner shade. The shimmery pale beige shade looks like the standard highlighter shade. According to the chatter on 2Channel, a Lunasol SA said that the quads in the summer collection may be made permanent. But I wouldn't take the risk of skipping EX01 now as it's just too lovely. I'm not a big user of brown eyeshadows plus I already own several Lunasol brown quads so I skipped EX02.

Check out my buddy, The Muse's very detailed review of the MM summer collection here!


Anonymous said...

Great haul!!! I am loving Lavshuca's summer palette in blue and Lunasol's EX-01 palette! I am in my blue phase (*^_^*) I really like all the colors in Lunasol's palette, especially the blue, light brown and mint green combo.

Kathi said...

Have you tried any of your palettes? Aren't they fabulous! =D

Unknown said...

lovely haul!!

it's been awhile since i've hit your blog. there's so many new updates and tonnes to read*swoon* are ya in singapore or back in japan?

Anonymous said...

Those colours are just beautiful! I'm wearing blue shades myself today :) Check it out -