Friday, 16 May 2008

Kate Fall '08

Riding on the success of its mega-seller Powder Gel Eyeliner, Kate will be launching a revamped version, Powder Gel Eyeliner N, this fall. The new improved Powder Gel Eyeliner N (1575yen, 4 shades) promises to be more pigmented with a softer texture while maintaining its long-lasting power. Also new is a new Curve Wax Mascara (1575yen) that promises long-lasting curl, and a new lipstick line, Rouge Extra (1470yen, 14 shades).

And finally there will also be a new eyeshadow palette series, Deep Trap Eyes (1680yen, 5 variations) which features combinations of smokey and the usual shimmery highlighter shades that are perfect for fall. The color combinations look more interesting and colorful than the usual run-of-the-mill gradational palettes. The fall collection also includes one new palette each from the Line Spicy N, Gradical Eyes S and Glam Trick Eyes lines.

The collection will be launched on 1 August in Japan.

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