Friday, 16 May 2008

Lavshuca Fall '08

Lavshuca's Fall '08 collection puts the spotlight back on lips with its new Rouge Star Classic line of lipsticks. Formulated with "moisture wrapping oil" for deep moisturising benefits and pearl shimmer for high shine, Rouge Star Classic (available in 14 shades) is a regular-sized long-lasting lipstick, unlike the mini-sized Jewel Lips and Rouge Essence Bar.

Lavshuca will also launch a new line of eight eyeshadow duos, Dual Prism Eyes. The shades shown in the promo image look pretty blah and seems to carry on the muted color palette of the Noble On Eyes palettes from the Spring '08 collection. The fall collection will also include two new Grade Color Select quads, 2 new shades of Color Conc Rouge, a new Creamy Liquid Foundation (in 5 shades), Eyebrow Pencil N (3 shades), Eyeliner Pencil N (2 shades), Liquid Pen Eyeliner (2 shades) and Powder Compact Eyebrow (2 shades).

The collection will be launched on 1 August in Japan.

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