Sunday, 1 March 2009

MAC Grand Duos Collection

The MAC Grand Duos Mineralize Blush collection has launched at the MAC Pro store in Ngee Ann City! I didn't bother to ask the price as the shades didn't knock my socks off when I swatched them although a couple of them do have very pretty veining. The nicest of the lot were Grand Duo (Copper pink mélange / Plum) and Love Rock (Gold violet mélange / Bright blue pink).

Elle magazine had earlier listed the price as S$41 but do ask the counters personally if you're thinking of getting these. MAC Singapore has been known to screw up the prices in recent months with different counters charging different prices for the same product.


plue said...

Hello Haru,

Was wondering, these Mac Grand Duo blushes, is it available in normal Mac stores? Or only in Pro stores?

I dun think this is in Midvalley's MAC store though >_<

Haru said...

Dear Plue,

the Grand Duos will be at all MAC stores. I think our MAC Pro store just got the collection in early. It's launching in the US only on 12 March according to Specktra so it's quite surprising that they put it out so soon!

Anonymous said...

this is very beautiful. i think i need it. :)

plue said...

Thanks Haru! I will be peeling my eyes on this! :D

They look pretty! I will definitely want some of these!

Wonder if it's permanent? Or LE?

Mellerson said...

they're $44 at NAC. At $41, I would totally buy one or two, but at $44, I think I'm going to place an overseas order...

Haru said...

Dear Mellerson,
$44?! Sheesh, I though the price increase from $37 to $41 was bad enough but $44 is just bordering on ridiculous. That's even more expensive than a NARS blush!

Dear Plue,
the collection is limited edition. They do look very pretty in some of the photos online and I'm thinking about going back to check them out again, but I'm quite disgusted with 19% price increase.

plue said...

OMG! An increase in prices? I better think twice before buying. I can live without these blushes :P