Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2012

Anna Sui will release its spring makeup collection on 5 January in Japan. It includes:

1. Rose Cheek Color (3675yen, 6g): Available in 6 variations, each containing four shades. #100 Mystic Rose (blue and lavender highlight shade), #300 Romantic Rose, #301 Dreamy Rose (coral), #400 Anna Rose (red and pink), #500 Antique Rose (brown and rose), #600 Sunny Rose (orange).

2. Cheek Brush (3990yen): Made with red-tipped soft artificial fibers.

3. Liquid Eyeliner (2625yen): Film-type liquid eyeliner in a dial applicator. This can be removed with warm water and comes in 001 black, 500 brown and 200 violet.

4. Double Lipgloss (3150yen, limited edition): Three duos in cherry red, rose pink and orange. Each duo consists of a rich rouge color and a sheer shimmery gloss. #1 Sensual Rose, #2 Seductive Rose and #3 Prismatic Rose.

Pics and details from Maquia and Biteki. See more pics on Kuri's Beauty Report and Beautist.


Julia said...

Thank you! I've been waiting for these news!
Time to save up for one of those blushes - and decide on a colour. xD Would you think the highlighter is suitable for someone with very pale skin?

Rock on! Anna Sui said...

So the brush will be made of artificial fibers? I'm not sure how I feel about that, they are usually made of natural fibers...

Haru said...

hi Julia,
My guess is that the lavender highlighter will work best with pale skintones actually, though it's hard to say without having seen it in person.

Julia said...

Thanks for the reply, Haru! <3

Btw, I received my first ever blog award and you're one of the 7 people I'm passing it on to:

Anonymous said...

Hi~ I'm Leeny from Korea.
Thank you for your hot information!
It looks really cool~
Anna sui manias in Korea are really exciting with this ! :)


Jacqueline said...

Wah! I love the blush!