Thursday, 10 November 2011

Shiseido Spring 2012

Shiseido will launch its Spring 2012 makeup collection on 1 January in Japan. Designed by Dick Page, the collection's tag line is "Full brilliance, sheer color". It will arrive in the US in January and Europe and other Asian countries in February.

The collection includes:

1. Shimmering Rouge (3675yen, 2.2g): 7 new shades of which RS619 is used on Raquel Zimmermann in the ad.

2. Perfect Mascara Full Definition (3990yen, 8ml): Formulated with a sticky polymer and a creamy volume wax for greater volumising effect plus a camellia oil complex for conditioning the lashes, the fibre-based mascara promises long, glossy lashes that stay curled for the whole day. Available in two shades (BK901 and BR602), this can be removed simply with warm water.

3. Shimmering Cream Eye Color (3150yen, 6g): 3 new shades in OR313, PK214 and BL215. The latter two are used on Zimmermann in the ad visual. Containing "jewel reflecting powder", "satin smooth pearl", "dual optimising powder", "micro-matic colour pigments" in a smooth fitting base, these waterproof cream eyeshadows are designed to be easy to apply without the need for any special techniques.


Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty!

Jacqueline said...

I love the Shimmering Cream eye shadows so new shades are always great news. Thanks for the info.

milktea said...

Looks like RS619 is the one in the ad pix! Very nice although I still remember Iron Maiden from last season.