Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Majolica Majorca & Maquillage Spring 2012 Pics

Here are pics of the forthcoming Majolica Majorca and Maquillage spring collections, which will be released on 21 January in Japan.

The new Majolica Lash King mascara (1260yen) contains 5mm-long fibres in a fast-drying oil base with "super volume-up powder and wax". It also boasts an "Acrobat Catch Brush". The waterproof mascara is thus named as it is supposed to be Majolica's best ever mascara in terms of long-lasting curl, length and volume. On the left is the Blood On cream blush/lip tint and on the right is the Secret Joker perfume.

Maquillage Styling Eyes (3675yen; 4 variations) and True Rouge (3150yen; 12 shades).

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