Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bobbi Brown, Anna Sui and Lancome Holiday Collections

Several beauty brands have just launched their holiday collections in Singapore.

Bobbi Brown's Party Collection offers a wide variety of eye and lip palettes, plus two brush sets.

The Pretty Powerful Party To Go set (S$220).

Swatches of the Black Ruby Sparkle Palette. The two shades in the top half of the quad swatch very sheer but have a lovely rainbow sparkle.

In the pic below, the bottom row shows Party Shimmer Brick (left) and Pewter Chrome Eyeshadow (right) from the Ultimate Party Collection palette.

Lancome's holiday makeup collection is in support of the Golden Hat Foundation, a non-profit foundation created by Kate Winslet for children living with autism. Lancome will be donating 150,000 euros to the Golden Hat Foundation.

The star of the collection is the Golden Hat Poudre Lumière (S$70), a soft pink and gold highlighting powder. There is also a blockbuster makeup set retailing at S$99 (with any S$100 purchase), containing products worth over S$400, such as Hypnose Precious Cells mascara, a black/gold Ombre Absolue Palette with four eyeshadows, Bi-Facil, three makeup brushes, three mini lipsticks.

Anna Sui's Masquerade collection.

Eye Color & Lipgloss Set (S$84)

Metallic Color (S$33)

Limited Beauty Mirror (S$39)

Bath Set (S$58)

Beautiful Hair Kit (S$74)

Swatches of the two eyeshadow palettes, lipglosses and Metallic Colors, which are basically a glitter-fest.


Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the swatches! I got the BB Party Shimmer Brick!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the swatches! I'm still debating what to get from Anna Sui. Was thinking about the eye & lip palette and color glosses but am unsure after looking at the swatches! In your opinion, what jumps out to you from this collection? Thanks Iris!

Haru said...

hi Michelle,
To be honest, nothing in this collection really strikes me as a must-have. I thought the products were priced too high vis-a-vis the actual quantity. The Metallic Colors were a disappointment for me but that's because I do not like glitter in eye makeup. I did like the lipglosses in the sets. The eyeshadow palettes were pretty nice too but the pans are super tiny.

Lenn said...

Hi Haru,

Is Anna Sui products cheaper in Japan when compared to Singapore prices?

Thanks in advance.


Haru said...

Anna Sui products are actually cheaper in Singapore now than Japan, because of the high yen. For example, the Eye Color Palette & Lipgloss sets are 5775yen in Japan, which is about S$94, versus S$84 in Singapore.

Lenn said...

Hi Haru,

Thanks for the info, will get what i want in Singapore then.


Michelle said...

Thanks Iris! I really wanted to like this collection but the swatches are not calling out to me. Guess I will save some $ here :D