Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jill Stuart Fairy Garden Collection Photos

Thanks to a very kind sweet friend, I was able to snag the Jill Stuart Fairy Garden Collection holiday coffret this year from Hong Kong where it was retailing for HK$620 (about S$100), considerably cheaper than Japan where it was 7875yen (S$132).

The coffret comes with its own specially designed shopping bag.

Similar to 2009's Sweetness Collection and 2010's Secret Tease Collection, the coffret is a girlishly sweet pink confection. The case is decorated with tulle flowers and "J" charms dangling from the zips.

The coffret includes a Jewel Crystal Eyes 104 Fragile Opal, Loose Powder N 101 Twinkle Dust, Jelly Lip Gloss 103 Crystal Kiss and two fragrance sachets.

The vintage-style Loose Powder N pot is similar to the original Blush Powders except that it comes with a powder puff instead of a brush. The tulle accessory around the cap can be removed and used as a hair tie. The plush powder puff feels luxuriously soft.

The pale lilac powder contains very refined shimmer particles. It is subtle enough to be used all over the face as the shimmer particles are not very obvious unless one looks closely.

The Jewel Crystal Eyes in Fragile Opal is much more of a glitter mess. The shade combination is typical of Jill Stuart, with an abundance of silver glitter in most of the shades. The case features a dreamy floral motif.

I experienced some fallout when applying this today and had to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to dust off the glitter bits. The eyeshadows also contain the brand's usual floral scent. The pink shade pulls more coral on my skin.

The Crystal Kiss lipgloss applies as a translucent light pink with rose shimmer.

Here's a quick look that I did today wearing the eyeshadow quad, the lipgloss and the loose powder over Bourjois Flower Perfection liquid foundation.

The two fragrance sachets bear the scent of the Jill Stuart eau de toilette.

Like most holiday coffrets, this set offers good value for money considering that an eyeshadow palette usually retails for HK$380 (S$63) in Hong Kong and 5250yen (S$88) in Japan. Granted the shades in the coffret are not terribly unique and the eyeshadow palette is a glitter bomb, but holiday coffrets are usually designed to be crowd pleasers. The three makeup products are well-coordinated and easy to wear, plus the packaging is delightful if you like Jill Stuart's princessy style.

The Fairy Garden Collection is currently available on for US$93.13, for 10,200yen and MihokoShop for 10,500yen.

The Takarajima website has just listed a new Jill Stuart Jill Face Recipe A to Z mook which will be released in early December.


Ling said...

Hi Haru,
i really wish Jill Stuart comes to our shore , no where in sight :(
by the way, Kino is selling the Laura mercier emook with their signature foundation primer, creme foundation, sponge and a pouch. what a waste, i didn't have the kino card so end up paying $34 but member get to enjoy 20% starting today, no wonder the Q is so long! neverthelss, i calculated it's still very worthy to buy this emook with their signature makeup trial pack , pretty generous size. the only cruz is i can't read japanese and don't know what's the shade of their creme foundation, i supposed it's for fair skin since this is marketed in japan as main market. if you happen to know, please let me know, thanks!

Haru said...

hi Ling,
The Cream Smooth Foundation shade in the mook is Warm Ivory. Aww, pity that you couldn't enjoy the members' discount. The Kino membership is quite worth signing up for if you often buy magazines or books, especially now that they often have 20% sales.

Unknown said...

japanese yen is crazily strong :S hehee, thats one of the reason I love HK (HK dollar is cheaper)

JS products really have impeccable packaging though $100 is still a bit pricey for me =P

Ling said...

Hi dear,
thanks for telling me it's warm ivory.
hehe, i have been using kino card for years but just decided not to renew after it's expired a few months ago so that i can stop buying magazine i don't read :P but i know for Laura mercier emook it's something i won't let go with or without card though i strongly believe, if i am thick skinned enough, i can ask politely to the girl in front or behind to borrow their member card :P mass regret now hahaha