Sunday, 27 November 2011

Spring 2012 Collections and Kuri's Beauty Report have posted pics of the Lunasol spring collection to be released on 20 January in Japan.

While collection looks pleasant enough, it is not as swoonworthy as Dior's Garden Party collection. The palettes look like handcrafted pieces of art.

Kuri's Beauty Report also has pics of the spring releases from Maquillage, Majolica Majorca, and Chanel.

With the launch of Cosme Decorte AQ MW's color makeup line to position AQ MW as a "global beauty brand", it looks like Magie Deco could go the way of Beaute de Kose as there appears to be no plans to launch any more new products for Magie Deco although the brand will still remain for now.


galpal.hi said...

I saw a post on the Dior Spring Collection a month or so ago and my jaw just dropped in awe of how beautiful it all looked. I'm almost positive that I'm picking up an eyeshadow palette. My only concern is that normally from any cosmetic line, the spring collections tend to be more sheer and not highly pigmented in color. I really do like to have nice color for my eyeshadows so I'm hoping that when I swatch it, it'll be what I want.


Kas said...

I just clicked on the Chanel link - that striped blush (right?) compact looks real nice! And so cute the polish names, April, May, June! The Dior palettes look gorgeous! ok, still haven't used my Dior palettes - time to use!

Wynda said...

OMG! I just love the Dior Collection! Would they be available in Aus? or just Japan?

Haru said...

hi Wynda,
The Dior collection is not exclusive to Japan. It should be available everywhere that Dior cosmetics are sold, including Australia.

makeupmag said...

My spirits rose to see these roses! :D