Sunday, 15 January 2012

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color (Link to swatches)

If you're an Anna Sui fan, do check out the swatches and close-up pics of the gorgeous Rose Cheek Colors on Love & Beauty!


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the link Haru, that confirms it, I have to have at least two of these, they are so pretty.

plue said...

the swatches are lovely and mighty tempting!

Kas said...

300 and 400 are so pretty! and even the bluish highlighter one! Will you be getting any? I think I want one!

Rétromantique said...

Dear Haru,

I got some swatches of the Double Lip Gloss from that collection if you are interested:

It's also my first time doing this so if you have any tips to give me on swatch posts such as this, please fire away!

Thanks ♥

Haru said...

hi Marie-Ève,
The swatches look lovely! Will link to them in a future post :-)