Sunday, 15 January 2012

Upcoming Japanese Magazine Freebies

Here's a preview of the upcoming freebies for Japanese magazines. The release dates listed below are for Japan so please check directly with Kinokuniya if you wish to know when they will arrive in Singapore. Kino's air shipments are usually on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Nonno (20 Jan): Snidel watch

Liniere (20 Jan): Pas de Calais felt tote bag (21.5x39x17.5cm). See the video here.

Mina (20 Jan): Orne jewellery case

Spring (23 Jan): Tsumori Chisato pouch (19x11x5cm)

Biteki (23 Jan): Anna Sui foundation and primer sample set

Maquia (23 Jan): Luggage pouch designed by Hirako Risa (Coffret D'Or spokesmodel)

25ans (28 Jan): YSL bag hanger and coin case

Elle (28 Jan): polka-dotted stockings

Glow (28 Jan): Demel Vienne pouch (22x14.5x5cm)

With (28 Jan): Think Pink pouch

More (28 Jan): Banner Barrett bag (24x37x12cm)

Seventeen (1 Feb): Rirakkuma charm accessory (12x10cm)

Steady (7 Feb): Anna Sui tote bag (21x31x9.5cm) and card case (10x6cm)

InRed (7 Feb): Aquagirl pouch (13x13x6cm)

Sweet (10 Feb): Deicy double mirror (13x10.5cm)

Baila (10 Feb): Ahkah pink gold bracelet

Cutie (10 Feb): Dazzlin tote bag (29.5x23x18.5cm)

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The Driveller Kate said...

How adorable is that Tsumori Chisato pouch? Thanks as always for this sneak peak!