Sunday, 29 January 2012

Canmake New Releases

Canmake will release the following new products for this spring.

Cheek & Cheek #6 Antique Rose: limited edition blush duo of soft pink and coral pink

Gokumori Mascara #01 Mega Jet Black (630yen): Volumising and separating waterproof mascara that can be removed with warm water. This will be released on 2 March in Japan.

Perfect Stylist Eyes (819yen): #1 Sweet Pink, #2 Baby Beige and #3 Happy Coral. Includes a mirror, sponge tip and brush applicator. Due out on 12 April in Japan.


galpal.hi said...

The blush is so pretty! I'm going to have to try to get my hands on it somehow. Too bad the release date isn't set for mid April because then I know I'd be able to get it for sure.

The mascara also looks quite interesting. I really like Canmake mascara fomulations.

Thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...

Do you know the release date for the blush duo? Thanks!

Haru said...

I believe the blush duo has just been released in Japan.

Hi Kat,
You're welcome! Hope you manage to get the blush!

Light Love said...

The blush combo is extremely pretty!! It caught my eye immediately! :) The packaging and the color combo of the eye palette is also very pretty <3