Thursday 5 January 2012

Dior New Look Collection

Dior's New Look collection introduces Diorshow New Look mascara and four Cinq Couleurs New Look palettes. It will be released on 10 February in Japan (it is not Japan-exclusive).

#254 Bleu de Paris is described as a "homage to Marie Antoinette's Versailles blue, reinterpreted in a softer Parisian chic with a basic color that features bewitching and electrifying shades".

#834 Rose Porcelaine

#454 Royal Kaki

#734 Grège

Snapshots from the latest Dior (Singapore) magazine for members.

The stunning hand-pressed Anselm Reyle palette (14,175yen) will be released on 4 January exclusively at Isetan Shinjuku in Japan. I'm not sure which counter in Singapore will have this collection but if you are a Dior collector, it's best to start ringing the counters now. In the UK, it will be available at Selfridges and Harrods from 9 January.

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FacesBySarah said...

omg im SO SO thrilled to hear my HG diorshow mascara is back!!! thanku iris :)