Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lunasol Starter Kit 2012

A Lunasol Starter Kit 2012 will be released on 9 March in Japan. Retailing at 6825yen, it includes the bestselling Skin Modelling Eyes 01 Beige Beige, Cream Cheeks EX08 Soft Orange Coral, Full Glamor Gloss N EX20 Soft Orange Coral and a pouch specially designed by Toff & Loadstone and Gallarda Galante. The Soft Orange Coral Cream Cheeks and Full Glamor Gloss are new and limited edition shades.

Pic and info from Voce.


kuri said...


galpal.hi said...

I like the idea of a starter kit. I hope that they come out with a couple more color sets.


Anonymous said...

Lunasol starter kit! How awesome. <3 Thanks for sharing the scoop!

Jan S said...

will this ever come to Singapore??

Haru said...

hi Jan,
You should check with the Kanebo counters on that. I have no info on whether it will be coming to Singapore.