Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Zuneta, ASOS & Sephora Hauls: Paul & Joe, Nude, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Urban Decay

After learning about a 20% discount code ELLE20 for, a UK-based online retailer that offers prestige brands like Becca, Hourglass, Nude and Rouge Bunny Rouge, I placed my first order. Zuneta orders free international delivery for orders over £65. My order was placed on 8 January, shipped via DHL on 9 January and I received it on 10 January in Switzerland, less than 48 hours after placing the order!

I've been curious about trying out more Rouge Bunny Rouge products after WorshipBlues Curator gifted me with their Orpheline blush. This Best Things in Beauty review of their Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation convinced me to take the plunge. I purchased this in 025 Almond Milk Parfait.

Nude is another brand that I've always wanted to try, in particular their Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum which received positive reviews on The Beauty Bite and London Makeup Girl. It is super pricey but the discount code enabled me to finally take the plunge. Zuneta is currently offering a Miracle Mask (15ml) with a 30 purchase of Nude skincare. The ELLE20 code is valid until 28 February. If you are based outside UK/Europe, you also pay lower prices less the VAT.

From the current ASOS sale, I picked up a Bliss Snow Wonder Scent-sational Set of a body butter and body wash for just £15, a 50% savings. My order was placed on 1 January and I received it today by UK Royal Mail post. ASOS offers free international shipping.

The Pixi Autumn Winter Essentials set also looked like a worthwhile deal at £19, down from £31. The price has gone up slightly since I placed my order and is now £21.50.

The set includes an All-Over Magic Radiance Powder No.2 Rose Radiance (7.09g/0.25oz), Flawless & Poreless primer (15ml), Endless Silky Eye Pen No. 1 Black Noir (1.2g) and Lips & Line No.2 Fresh Pink.

As was the first online retailer to launch the Paul & Joe spring collection, I also purchased the new Lipstick C in #77 Catwalk and #75 Sex Kitten (£16 each). Each lipstick is engraved with 10 paw prints. I skipped the Face & Eye Colors as the gradational color schemes did not look that attractive to warrant the £21 price tag.

The prices of Paul & Joe makeup on ASOS are cheaper than the counters in Singapore, where the lipsticks usually retail for S$39. However, the drawback is that ASOS never offers any cute gifts with purchase. They also do not wrap cosmetics properly to prevent breakage, so I would not order anything that is too fragile from them.

Accessories from Lipsy and French Connection.

Over at Sephora in France, several holiday sets had been marked down. The Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, which was originally priced at €58, was now just €40.60. The BOSIV hasn't been as well-received as the Naked palettes and the 15th Anniversary palette, which is much more compact with a more vibrant selection of shades.

I wasn't too keen on BOSIV, as I already own the 15th Anniversary palette, BOSIII New York and the Alice in Wonderland palette. However, at the sale price, BOSIV looked like a pretty good deal considering the number of products in it, including a mascara and a full-sized liquid eyeliner. Plus I always have a weakness for pretty butterflies!

The mini speaker is pretty nifty, and works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone for playing music. It was a real struggle trying to get the speaker out of the box though, as it is squeezed in so snugly.

The Fred Farrguia Midnight Kit, which includes the Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows #15, Illuminating Powder #1 and Creme Lipstick/Lipgloss #24.

A Yes To Cucumbers Ultimate Calming Facial Kit comprising the Calming Facial Moisturiser, Soothing Eye Gel and Natural Glow Facial Towelettes.

And finally, at Carrefour, I spotted the new Dream Nude Mousse foundation by Maybelline. This doesn't seem to have very positive reviews online but still, I was curious to see how it compares to the Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation by Shu Uemura , which is also owned by L'Oreal. The US and UK version is called "Dream Nude Airfoam" with identical packaging but I don't know if the formula is the same. The Dream Nude Mousse version sold in France is made in Belgium.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Amazing haul! I am still waiting on my Zuneta order and I placed it the same day you did!

espenine said...

Appreciate if you could do a review of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid foundation, thanks!

Kas said...

OMG! this is an awesome haul! The Bliss set looks good but you know what made me go :O ? The Paul and Joe lipsticks!!!! Sooooo cute! *knocks sense into self* - I have been on a hauling spree and really must exercise self-restraint!

JC said...

That a big haul! I am just wondering how do you normally finish using all the products? As for myself, I am having trouble with finishing my humble stash and they will just expire after sometime... Heart aching ...

Anonymous said...




Haru said...

You can see the prices without VAT by creating a profile on the website and listing a non-European address as your address. The prices will be adjusted automatically when you view the items thereafter. I won't be able to review the RBR foundation for awhile as I'm dealing with a bout of eczema and can't wear makeup.

hi JC,
I am usually able to finish skincare and bodycare products but makeup items are usually not possible for me to finish. I do discard my makeup products if they go bad or expire. It's better to be safe!

hi Kas,
The P&J lipsticks are cute but I just tried the one with the yellow packaging and it was more sheer than I liked, and seemed to emphasise flakes.

Jacqueline said...

What a super haul everything looks so good, I'm also waiting for my Zuneta haul to arrive.

Lynn said...

No cute kitty with a monocle lipstick? I am seriously tempted to buy the lipsticks and just keep them. Sadly, lipsticks don't keep well, but how can you bring yourself to use up the little kitty?!

miwitch said...

Paul & Joe must have the cutest lip products ever! loves the kitty paws~~~

Haru said...

hi Lynn,
The cream blushes in the form of the kitty with the tophat will be released only in February. I'll definitely be picking up at least one of them!

Ani said...

What an amazing haul! How much was the Fred Farrugia kit if you don't mind me asking? I don't have access to it in the states and I want to see if my friend in Spain, who does have access, can pick one up for me :)

Haru said...

Hi Ani,
It was €27.93, down from the original price of €39.

Jen said...

Hi sorry this isn't related to makeup, but to ASOS in general - are the prices of the items mentioned anywhere in the package (e.g. receipt/return form)? I want to send an ASOS order straight as a gift, but there's no gift option at checkout.

TIA, I love your blog! :)

Haru said...

hi Jen,
The prices are not stated on the included invoice that lists the items, if I recall correctly. Thanks for reading!

vonnay said...

Hi iris!

I got the p&j cat lipstick in the yellow packaging too and found it really drying. :-/ So what I did was to put a lip balm/treatment like the fresh sugar lip treatment on my lips before swiping the lip colour on. Looks much better!

Haru said...

hi vonnay,
Yup, I was disappointed by the texture of the two P&J lipsticks. I didn't find them creamy enough.

Grace London said...

It's a shame that the P&J lipsticks aren't very comfortable - I do like the little paw prints on them (I found the cat head ones disconcerting!)

Great buys! I liked the Nude a lot - the effect is quite gradual but it's very gentle for fine/sensitive skin.