Friday, 15 June 2012

Addiction Brush Lineup

Here are the prices and material information from Voce on the Addiction brushes that will be released on 13 July in Japan.

Powder Brush (7560yen, goat)

Perfect Round Brush (7140yen, goat)

Blush Brush (6300yen, goat and grey squirrel)

Highlight Brush (5775yen, weasel)

Foundation Brush (5250yen, PBT synthetic fibres)

Eyeshadow Brush P (3990yen, weasel pointed-tip brush)

Eyeshadow Brush B (3780yen, weasel and brown squirrel blending brush)

Eyeshadow Brush C (3150yen, pony)

Eyeshadow Brush S (3360yen, raccoon dog/tanuki smudging brush)

Eyeshadow Brush D&L (3150yen, weasel eyeliner brush)

Concealer Brush (3150yen, PBT synthetic fibres)

Concealer Brush P (2625yen, PBT synthetic fibres)

Eyebrow Brush (3675yen, badger)

Eyebrow Brush Screw (1470yen, nylon)

Lip Brush (3150yen, weasel)


Jamilla Camel said...

OK, It's on my list for my next Japan trip!!

The Lacquered Lady said...

These look fabulous. I need some new brushes, but am half way across the globe. Any recommendations for affordable brands?

Haru said...

For quality brushes that are worth investing in, I think you can't go wrong with MAC. Many people also like Sigma, which offers more affordable options, but I haven't tried them personally.

The Driveller Kate said...

Oy vey, so much pony! Thanks for sharing, Haru -- I think I can cross them off my list now. Although that weasel highlighter is intriguing....