Friday, 8 June 2012

Paul & Joe Fall 2012

Paul & Joe will launch its revamped lipstick line in 20 shades this fall on 1 September in Japan. The lipsticks will be available in three textures: Clear, Natural and Pigment. Below are pics tweeted by the Maquia editor from the press event in Tokyo, which was graced by P&J designer Sophie Albou. See more pics on

Aside from the standard Lipstick Case in white and peach with a chrysanthemum motif, there will also be five limited edition Lipstick Case P in P&J's trademark floral and kitten prints. These will certainly delight the P&J collectors! The lipstick refills are 2100yen each, while the cases are 1050yen each.

Below is a pic by Kuri Nakagome.

Pic below tweeted by Abe Sawako.

The retro metallic Lipstick Case L (3150yen) below is a special edition to commemorate the brand's 10th anniversary.

Another pic by the Frau editor.

See more pics here, here, here and here.


Ash said...

Hi Haru,

now that P&J has withdrawn from Singapore, where can we buy the products? Any idea?

Haru said...

hi Ash,
You can buy P&J products from and Both offer free international shipping but Beautybay does not have the new summer collection yet.