Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kate Fall 2012

Kate will release its fall collection on 1 August in Japan, including a new "For Cover" range of base makeup products.

1. Super Sharp Liner S (Spider) in black, red and navy (1050yen, LE)

2. Powderless Liquid: Liquid foundation that transforms into powder within 15 seconds. Available in 6 shades. (2100yen, 6 shades)

3. Make Lasting Base: Foundation primer (1260yen)

4. Full Cover Concealer (2 shades, 1050yen)

5. Slim Create Powder: Highlighter and shading powder duo (1680yen)

6. Jewellery Mode Eyes: Eyeshadow trios with diamond-like shine in six variations. (1470yen)

7. Real Create Eyes: 1 new variation (1680yen)

1 comment:

Julia said...

Oh, new Kate foundation! They're one of the only brands that make foundation light enough for me.

As for the red eyeliner: I honestly cannot imagine that looking good on anyone.