Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Catrice Coolibri

June brings us an Amazon-inspired Coolibri collection by Catrice, featuring vibrant shades of sunny yellow and rich green shades, cool turquoise blue, warm orange-red and fresh pink.

The collection includes four sheer Nectar Gloss in 01 Birds Flying High (blue), 02 Feathery Pink, 03 Gorgeous Blossom (red) and 04 Exotica (orange).

There are five Nail Lacquers. In the pic below are 05 Virgin Forest (green) and 03 Abloom.

The four Eye Shadow Pens are the stars of the collection with impressively rich, metallic textures that glide onto the skin. Once these set, they do not seem to budge. These swatches could not be removed with Cleansing Express and instead, I had to use a cleansing oil. The shades are 01 Precious Nectar (beige gold), 02 Birds Flying High (blue), 03 Virgin Forest (teal) and 04 Exotica (coral orange).


. : * justine * : . said...

Oh wow, the green and gold are stunning!

Citrine said...

Ahhh, those glosses...blue normally makes me look drown (to death) but I would totally get those (and that orange jelly!) just to stare at all day long!

FacesBySarah said...

how fun!!!

The Driveller Kate said...

Those pencils look incredible! As expected of a German brand.
I love that there's a DS line with such fashion-y colours and great quality

Simone said...

Very lovely !!
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