Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Suqqu Fall 2012

Suqqu will release its fall 2012 collection on 10 August in Japan. Below is a pic tweeted by the Frau editor. Based on the pics on Kazuhisa Kurumisawa's blog, it looks like there will be three new eyeshadow quads, a new line of lipsticks and two blush duos. The bottom left shade in the quad is a cream shade that can be used as a liner shade. (Please do not steal the photos from his blog and re-post on your own blog. If you want to share, post a link.) See another pic here.

Another pic from Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I really like the images/models they use for their ads. They're sophisticated without being all "cutesy" like most Japanese ads, and I never understood a brand like Lunasol (sold in Asia only) that only uses Caucasian models.

milktea said...

I'm with Anonymous. Suqqu models look grown up and real.