Saturday, 9 June 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix + Essence A Lovely Secret

Essence Colour Go #94 A Lovely Secret is a periwinkle lilac that gives opaque coverage in two to three coats. The formula is not fast-drying though, hence the nick on my index finger about five minutes after application. The violet micro shimmer that is visible in the bottle is not apparent when applied, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

I topped it withh Models Own Ibiza Mix, from the Hed Kandi collection, which is a party-friendly mix of large hexagonal glitters in pink, gold, orange and teal with smaller glitters in pink, gold, orange and blue.

It's tricky trying to distribute the glitter pieces evenly but at least the polish does not streak or cake even when layered thrice over. There was no bumpiness or edges sticking up. Nevertheless, I applied a coat of Canmake Gel Volume Top Coat for an extra smooth finish.

Not a combination that I would wear during the week but it's perfect for a relaxed weekend.


Mayumi said...

Hi, may I know what's your take in beauty blender? I always use fingers when applying foundation, so need some advices on whether a brush or a sponge is better.

Haru said...

hi Mayumi,
The Beauty Blender does work very well and gives a more seamless and polished finish than applying with fingers. But it is quite expensive and there are other cheaper versions available that you can explore.

Mayumi said...

In this case, which one is better in your opinion? Beauty blender or shiseido foundation brush ( read your post abt it and tempted to get this too, haha)

. said...

really lovely combo!! I was thinking what colour I should next wear under the ibiza mix and this might just be it!

perfect for a relaxed weekend indeed (until it gets to Sunday evening where it becomes a struggle to remove the glitter - this happens to me every week!)

Haru said...

hi Mayumi,
the two have different functions so I don't think it's possible to say one is better than the other. The beauty blender is good for applying liquid foundations while the Shiseido brush can be used with powder, liquid and cream foundations. If you use only liquid foundations, then the Beauty Blender is the better option. But if you want something that can be used with different types of foundation, the Shiseido brush is more versatile.

Anonymous said...

Hi haru

Is models own available in sg? If yes where shall I get ? Im interested to get champagne . Thanks

Haru said...

Nope, I don't think Model's Own is available in Singapore but you can order it from, which is based in the UK and ships internationally for free.