Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bourjois Faux and Fabulous Lashes

The new Bourjois "Faux and Fabulous" lashes are now available at Superdrug stores in the UK. Most are priced between £7 to £8, but Superdrug currently has a £2 discount on all, except for the Paperself design which has a £5 discount from original price of £12.

The Miss Couture pair by Paperself is right on trend with lace being everywhere on the high street right now. These can be cut into several mini lashes to create different looks.


LauraLeia said...

The last 3 lashes look really nice! Lace lashes are still pretty novelty though, i think? :)

Unknown said...

Awesome! i hope all this comes to singapore soon! I wish products in singapore would stop being discontinued sooo quickly! I'm so glad I managed to get healthy mix foundation overseas!