Saturday, 29 September 2012

Canmake Blessed Natural Foundation

Canmake will debut a new Blessed Natural Foundation PSF25 PA++ (1050yen) on 1 October in Japan. Available in two shades (01 Light and 02 Natural), it is touted as having a "non-chemical" formulation, as it does not contain any parabens, silicones, tar-based colorants, UV absorbing agents, artificial fragrance, petroleum-based ingredients or mineral oil. Based on a natural mineral formula with organic plant ingredients, it contains organic jojoba oil, squalene, edelweiss extract, rosehip extract from rosa canina fruit. It provides a natural finish, reduces the appearance of pores and can be easily removed with facial cleanser.


Ling said...

wow, sounds great! i hope they make it to our shore. it's hard to find base makeup without chemical laden ingredients and parabens won't make us feel safe despite some claims on its' safety level and won't penetrate into our skin. what is the base makeup you are using and like it very much, Haru?


Haru said...

hi Ling,
Currently, I like Paul & Joe's Protective Foundation Primer UV Primer and Protective Fluid Foundation S, and Lunasol Water Gel Foundation. For BB creams, I like Ettusais Mineral Cream.