Monday, 10 September 2012

Narita Airport Terminal 2 Shopping - Jill Stuart, Three, Samantha Thavasa

On this trip, we flew out from Terminal 2 of Narita Airport where I was delighted to discover Jill Stuart, Three and a Samantha Thavasa store. Aside from these brands, there is also Lunasol, RMK and Anna Sui in addition to Bobbi Brown, MAC, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins, Dior etc. The great advantage of shopping in dutyfree at Narita Airport is that brands like Jill Stuart, Three, RMK, Lunasol, Shu Uemura and Anna Sui are about 20% cheaper than the normal retail price in Japan (other brands only offer savings of 5%, which is the sales tax).

The counter stocks the full range of makeup, skincare, bodycare (soon to be revamped in October), fragrances and accessories like mirrors. It is located in the cosmetics store on the right side, almost immediately after passing through immigration.

Due to the strength of the yen, the dutyfree prices are not significantly cheaper compared to the normal retail prices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. For example, the Mix Blush Compact which retails for HK$370 (about S$59) in Hong Kong is priced at 3600yen (about S$57) at Narita dutyfree. Nevertheless, that is still much cheaper than the usual retail price of 4725yen (about S$75).

The counter also offers a few travel exclusives: a Mix Blush Compact #109 Portulaca Carol (3600yen) and two Jelly Lip Gloss Trio sets (5500yen each).

Portuluca Carol and one of the lip gloss sets sport a yellow, pink and green floral motif.

Portuluca Carol is a combination of pale baby pink, coral pink, sweet orange and rosy pink.

Inside the box of the Jelly Lip Gloss Trio, the glosses are individually packaged, so you can easily break up the set to give away as presents. The Jelly Lip Glosses are full sized, and usually retail for 2310yen each in Japan.

The pic below shows (from left): 104 Mossrose Chirp, 105 Jewelweed Swing and 106 Hummingbird Tweet.

Currently, with purchase of 10,000yen, the counter is offering this pair of accessories as the gift. The single pink crystal stud can be plugged into a cellphone's earphone port, and used to attach another accessory.
The new Fluffy Silk Powder Foundation and Luminuance primer were just launched on Friday earlier this week.

The Romantic Smoke fall makeup collection.

The Three 4D Eye Palettes are 5040yen each in dutyfree, versus 6300yen normally. I did not purchase anything as I have pretty much all that I wanted from the brand. As much as I adore the 04 Art of Parties palette, the other seven palettes did not seem as special to warrant the price tag. The counter is quite small and does not appear to have the full range available. I did not recall seeing the brushes and skincare, although they did have the eyeshadow quads, eyeliners, loose pigments, foundations, primers and lipglosses. The counter is also located on the right side after immigration.

The Samantha Thavasa store is located on the left side after immigration. The prices are about 15% cheaper than normal retail. Their latest celebrity spokesmodel is Miranda Kerr, who was in Japan this week promoting the brand.

They have a lovely selection of Liberty x Hello Kitty bags. The small vinyl tote shown below was available in yellow, pink and lavender. It was 20,700yen, versus 24,150yen on the Samantha website. There is also a larger size available for a couple thousand yen more.

Narita Terminal 2 is a great place to shop so if you are flying through it, do give yourself plenty of time to explore the place. Outside of the dutyfree area, on the level above the check-in counters, you can also find Muji, Mini Pla (great for beauty products and accessories), Earth Music & Ecology (which had Hello Kitty and Liberty clothing) in addition to a host of other stores selling electronics, souvenirs, food and books/magazines. I wrote a post on Terminal 1 dutyfree a couple of years ago but it could be outdated by now.


Anonymous said...

great post! does SQ fly out from this terminal? is it possible to drop by narita t2 even if you're flying out via another terminal? thanks! -stella

Yumeko said...

omg i looooove that bag of yours
i have never seen it either!!! i will have to keep my eyes peeled when i go to terminal 2 in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Japan is awesome for shopping; if I lived there I would go broke!

Haru said...

hi stella,
SQ flies out from only Terminal 1, which does not have a Samantha Thavasa store. I don't think it is possible to go to T2 if you are flying out from T1 but you can always ask at the information counter in the airport.

hi Yumeko,
Hope it is still there when you go on your trip! I had a hard time deciding amongst the three colors.

. : * justine * : . said...

Oh wow - Terminal 2 seems much more exciting brand wise than Terminal 1, although I discovered a LOT of these brands after my trip to Japan (this is obviously a sign that I need to return to Tokyo soon!). Will have to ask if anyone I know is flying through there to pick up a few things for me!

I adore that Samantha Thavasa bag - I finally got my wallet in NYC but unfortunately they weren't carrying any of the Hello Kitty x Liberty line at that point!

SHINO said...

I do believe three has skincare selling in the airport counter, just on the right hand side in your pic. Maybe their package is just too simply that you'll ignore it. So you are going back to singapore now? Seems like you are staying in Europe for quite some time~

Really love to read your post!!

Maya said...

This is good news indeed, Iris! I will be flying out of Terminal 2 from Narita for my trip later this year. :D

Thanks so much for your update!

Luthien said...

Any idea whether these brands are available in Kansai International airport?
Will be heading to Western Japan for my honeymoon next week, can't wait! :-)

Haru said...

hi Luthien,
I don't know if these brands are available at Kansai airport. Have a good trip!

hi Maya,
that's great! I'm sure you'll have a great time shopping there!

hi Shino,
Nope, I'm not going back to Singapore. I'm based in Switzerland now.

Anonymous said...

hi Iris,
lovely pics and great info!
the samantha bag and jill stuart blush are eye-candies and so practical too! liberty X hello kitty prints are so special
i'm sure these few items and the Three items u blogged about are not all,
pls show us all your hauls from japan during this trip when possible :} such lovelies

Crystal said...

great items! I just discovered your blog and added you to my blogroll right away :)