Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sleek Snapshots i-Divine Palette Swatches and New Store Display

At the Superdrug in Marble Arch in London, the Sleek store display has just been revamped with a new layout with several new products. The display looks larger than before, with the left side of the display devoted to the i-Divine eyeshadow palettes.

The new layout looks more neatly organised, with testers provided for virtually all products. Several of the testers, such as for the concealer and eyeshadow palettes, are placed in pull-out trays. This is much more convenient for viewing all the shades at a glance without having to open individual compacts.

There are three new Face Form palettes, each containing three powder blush and contour shades. The packaging is similar to the Blush By 3 palettes. The shades are mostly beige and brown tones.

There are also four new Correct & Concealer Palettes (£7.99), each containing a corrector, concealer and setting powder with SPF15. These were not in stock yet but they are already available on the Sleek website.

Next to that is a new Brush Kit of seven brushes. Hopefully, these will be an improvement over the previous brushes.

The i-Divine display had the tester for the new Snapshots Palette (£7.99). I hadn't read about Snapshots prior to seeing the tester in the store, but if you do a Google search for it, you'll find a Youtube video about it posted earlier in May. It seems like Snapshots was released a few months ago in Sephora stores in Italy, similar to how Oh So Special was first released in Sephora stores in Europe before reaching the UK. Snapshots is now available for sale on the Sleek website as well, but unfortunately, it cannot be shipped to the USA, like the Ultra Matte palettes due to restrictions on certain ingredients used in these particular palettes.

I did some quick swatches without any primer underneath. Snapshots contains a mix of shimmery and matte shades. The matte shades were noticeably poorer in terms of color payoff, whereas the shimmery shades were much smoother and pigmented.

The pale beige on the extreme right of the top row was sheer and disappeared into my skintone, so it's hardly visible in the pics.

Top row (from left): Magenta Madness, Purple Haze, Green Iguana, Sunset, Washed Ashore, Sand Walker

Bottom row: Tequila Sunrise, Humming Bird, Lotus Flower, Kiwi Flower, Martini, Summer Breeze

Seven of the shades, namely Magenta Madness, Sand Walker, Hummingbird, Lotus Flower, Sunset, Washed Ashore and Summer Breeze are actually repeats from the limited edition Monaco i-Divine palette from last year's Mediterranean collection, while Kiwi Flower looks very similar to Kiwi Zest in the Monaco palette. Also, Purple Haze, Tequila Sunrise, Green Iguana and Martini are repeats from the Curacao palette from last year's Caribbean collection. So if you already own Monaco and Curacao, you can definitely skip Snapshots.

The bright orange Tequila Sunrise is also a ringer for the orange shade in the Sunset palette (swatched on the extreme left in the top row of the pic below).

Hope this has been helpful!

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