Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lush Holiday 2012

According to Kokusaishogyo, Lush will release its holiday collection of 29 limited edition products and 38 gift sets in two batches in Japan.

1 October: Noriko soap, Snow Dome soap, Angel's Orchestra, Snow Taffy, Fairy Candy shower gel, Twilight Moon Shower Gel, Snow White & The Big Apple, Celebrate Body Lotion, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Christmas Table

1 November: Cocktail In The Soap, Artic Explorer, Secret Cracker, Party Hopper, Mister Noel, Bippity Boppity Boo, Go Party Hopper, Go Go Rocket, Magic Beard, Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Candy Mountain 2, Christmas Eve, Melting Snowman, Sand Santa Claus, Fruit Punch Shower Gel, Midnight Fantasy, Lip Scrub Pop Corn Flavor, Aurora Tour, Snow Cake and Midwinter Dinner.

These are completely unofficial translations of the Japanese product names, and the official names in English could be different. See more pics on Beautist.

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