Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Please update your RSS feed

Since Google has quietly abandoned its Feedburner service, I've decided to move over to Feedblitz. It's quite disturbing to see the Feedburner subscriber count suddenly crash from over 2000+ subscribers to zero a few days ago, where it has stayed since. If you subscribe with a RSS reader, the new blog feed address is http://feeds.feedblitz.com/rougedeluxe

Unfortunately, I lost access to my Feedburner account and so I'm not able to import the current list of subscribers directly over to Feedblitz. Some time ago, a reader emailed me asking me to take her off the mailing list (she received the blog updates by email and was having problems unsubscribing) but I was not able to do anything about it as I can't log in to my Feedburner account, and Feedburner has zero customer support. So if you are still receiving email updates from my blog and wish to unsubscribe but are unable to do so, I am deeply sorry about it and can only suggest that you try 'block sender'. Thanks for reading.


Citrine said...

I see more than 2000 subscribers now so maybe it was just a temporary glitch?

Haru said...

Hi Citrine,
The Feedburner is working now but given how Google has completely withdrawn support for it, there's the risk that it could be shut down one day so I think it 's safer to switch over to Feedblitz permanently as Feedblitz has much better service and support.

Tank said...

I love your command of English.

Furry Guy! said...

I changed my feed liao!