Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lunasol, Addiction and IPSA Spring 2013 New Base Makeup

15 February will bring a bumper crop of new base makeup products from Lunasol, Addiction and Ipsa. Lunasol's Spring/Summer 2013 base makeup collection includes:

1. Skin Modelling Powder Foundation SPF20 PA++ (5775yen): This provides a soft focus lighting effect to give skin an inner glow, conceals pores and skin unevenness while being resistant against sweat and sebum.

2. Smoothing Makeup Base N SPF22 PA++ (3675yen): Cream primer designed to be used with Skin Modelling Powder Foundation. This helps to conceal pores, control oil and improve the lasting power of foundation.

3. Control Essence UVa SPF34 PA+++ (3675yen, 40ml): Sunscreen that can be used as foundation primer with a translucent finish. Helps to conceal pores.

Addiction will launch a new Tinted Skin Protector SPF50 PA+++ (4725yen, 30ml) in five shades: Tint No. 1 Ivory, No. 2 Warm Beige, No. 3 Medium Beige, No. 4 Light Beige and No. 5 Dark Beige. It acts as sunscreen, primer and foundation in one, with natural coverage. My guess is that this will replace the Tinted Moisturizer.

Ipsa will release Pure Protect Liquid Foundation EX SPF25 PA+++ (4200yen, 25ml) in six shades. This helps to conceal skin imperfections while providing a highly translucent, natural finish.

Ipsa's spring makeup collection will be released on 1 January in Japan. It includes Eye Color Pencil WP (2100yen, 4 shades), Lip Coat Gloss (2940yen, 6 shades), and Eye Color Contrast (2310yen, 3 variations).

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. : * justine * : . said...

I'm excited for a new ADDICTION product but I actually love the TM so I'm a bit sad... hopefully this product improves on the (IMO) excellent formula already!