Thursday, 6 December 2012

Majolica Majorca Spring 2013 Secret Blink

Majolica Majorca will release its Spring 2013 collection, Secret Blink, on 21 January in Japan.

1. Lash Expander Edge Master BK999: Waterproof fiber-based lengthening mascara with a "duet comb" that has a "long and separate side" and a "point catch" side for use on the lower lashes. These contain 4mm-long black fibers, versus the previous version which contained 3mm fibers. (1260yen, 6g)

2. Lash Jelly Drop: Nourishing beauty essence for the lashes with a "dew drop comb" applicator and ingredients such as rose extract and glycerin. (997yen, 5.3g)

3. Majoromantica M perfume: Limited edition 'mystic garden' fragrance with notes of red fruits, citrus, sweet chocolate and cocoa. (1680yen, 20ml)

4. Skin Remaker Case 2013: foundation case. (735yen)

5. Little Humming Book: Limited edition palette to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Majolica Majorca. The book design is modelled after the Little Black Book and Little White Book released by Majolica in 2003. It contains two Eyeshadows in Flower Dust and Green Shower, an Eyecream Base in Moonless Night and a Lipgloss in Tulip Bed. (1575yen 4g)


Anonymous said...

The description for that new fragrance looks exciting. On the other hand, the color combo for that palette is not so exciting.

Unknown said...

Wow.. i love d eyeshadow...