Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Weekend snapshots

On a recent weekend, we took a drive up the coast of Lake Geneva. The lake was covered by a thick fog.

We stopped in Montreux to check out the Christmas market.

Statue of Freddie Mercury by the lakeside.

Odd creatures from Pokemon.

Hagrid and Buckbeak the Hippogriff from the Harry Potter series.

Found this fascinating glassware store where the artisan was blowing the glass on the spot.

Statue of Chaplin in Vevey

Also in Vevey was this giant fork sculpture, planted in front of a food museum.

Just 20 more days to Christmas!


Joyce September said...

Lovely shots, particularly the ones of Freddie & Chaplin.

Anonymous said...

What country is this? I consulted google and search for lake Geneva and it says it's in US but there might be another lake with the same name. The pictures are very nice. Are the plant statues / characters an only Christmas exhibition?

Haru said...

This is in Switzerland. I don't know if the plant statues are temporary.

Di said...

Very beautiful over there, the first two pictures remind me of Life Of Pi the movie...
The Pokemons are still there! XD