Saturday, 24 August 2013

Addiction Fall Makeup Video

If you are curious about the Addiction fall collection, do check out this video by Hannah in which she visits the counter at Matsuzakaya. Products used on her include the Tinted Skin Protecter (at 2:04), Perfect Concealer Compact, Cheek Polish #6 Tadzio (2:50), Natural Veil Powder, Ready To Wear Palette in Departure (4:50), Eyeliner Pencil in Abbey Road and Sugar Blond (5:17), Blend Duo Eyebrow (7:14), Eyebrow Manicure (8.07), Lip Stain 001 Sheer Dress (8:33) and Lip Glaze 001 Angelic Kiss.


Maya said...

The cheek stain looks lovely! Will you be getting any of the cheek stains, Iris?

Haru said...

hi Maya,
I'm not a big fan of liquid stains, as I prefer more gel-like formulas like Becca cheek tints. I'll probably wait awhile on these before deciding whether to get them.

saw said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I was pondering on the cheek stains and eye quad. From what I have seen eye quad is rather sheer/pearly kind of formula, like iridescent but in a sheer way. Of course she doesn't use all the colors on the eye (actually uses only two) so it is not easy to understand, as for cheek tint, it seems you need a lot of tapping and I just don't have so much time in the mornings. Result is lovely though :-)